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City of Cornwall seeking input as part of the Arts & Culture Centre feasibility study

Members of the public are invited to attend an open house on Wednesday, February 24th from 2 pm to 4 pm and 6 pm to 8 pm (drop-in) at the Cornwall Civic Complex (Salon B).

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For more information on this study view the City website at City of Cornwall

Heritage-Patrimoine Cornwall would suggest and support an adaptive-reuse of the East Front Public School as a building to house the new project. A new elementary school has replaced both East Front Public and Gladstone Public Schools. Located at 1810 Montreal Road, the location is ideal and would secure this heritage building from an unknown future.

East Front Public School

East Front Public School was originally built in 1934, with additions in 1945 and 1992. The school consists of nine classrooms, a music room, a library/computer lab and a gymnasium.
Many classrooms have a view of the beautiful and peaceful St. Lawrence River.


Adaptive reuse and brownfield rehabilitation

"We are excited to present an inspired vision for healthy, urban living, unequalled in eastern Ontario,” said Robert Pelda, President of both Cotton Mill Cornwall and RMP Construction and Development Ltd.

“lf these walls could talk, what stories they would tell of the workers and their families dating back to the 1870s. We are only custodians of time. And we will be remembered for what we did in our community during our period of time.”

The Edison Building is the latest development of the historic Cotton Mill District, which began years ago with the redevelopment of the Weave Shed into professional office space. Much of the development of the area has been supported financially by the City of Cornwall’s Community Improvement Plans.

Read more at http://www.choosecornwall.ca/eng/news/1093/57/New-Cotton-Mill-Condos-Overlook-St-Lawrence-River/


The bridge first opened in 1962. It took 2 years to build and will take 2 years to dismantle.The 950 ton arch in the center of the iconic bridge that symbolized the City of Cornwall for more than 50 years was slowly lowered to the ground by strand jacks at a rate of 15 feet an hour on Wednesday September 30, 2015.

The Register of Cultural Heritage Properties of value or interest in the City of Cornwall as recently been updated by Heritage-Patrimoine Cornwall. To consult the register click here.  

Cornwall's Old Post Office - Stones Installation in Lamoureux Park  

The amazing life of our Post Office Stones - 131 year old stones in excellent condition despite being knocked over by the wrecking ball, fell to the ground, dumped as land fill, found and moved around a few times...here they are getting fitted for a bracket that will hold them in the display pods in Lamoureux Park. The workmanship and carving are outstanding.   The four stones were uncovered in a landfill in 2010.

Located at the northwest corner of Pitt St. and Second St. the post office was used between 1883 and 1955. Photo courtesy of the Cornwall Community Museum taken the 1950's. The stones placed in the display pods will further commemorate this beautiful building. This photo shows where the four stones on display were located on the buidling.