Welcome to Heritage-Patrimoine Cornwall

Municipal Heritage Committee, Cornwall Ontario

Minutes from our committee meetings

Heritage-Patrimoine Cornwall Meeting

Thurs. Dec. 7, 2017 – 6:30 pm Cornwall Public Library

Present: Joan Gaudreau Debbie Ledoux Carole Libbey Thom Racine

Gerry Roy     Don Smith     Shannon Thompson          Marjorie Vallée

Absent: Maurice Dupelle Carol Escobar

City Rep: Karl Doyle

  1. Approval of Nov. 2, 2017 Minutes
    With deletion of resigned member, approval moved by J. Gaudreau; seconded by M. Vallee.

2. Remarks by Chair/Correspondence
Gerry Roy and Shannon Thompson were welcomed as new members of the Committee.
CHO has sent notice of annual renewal; email addresses of committee members will be sent.

3. Treasurer’s Report - C. Libbey
There is an estimated operating balance of $16,920 as of end of November 2017. The mis-payment of $6,893 has been sent out. Acceptance moved by C. Libbey; seconded by J. Gaudreau.

4. Business Arising
  1. Cornwall Room Schedule - circulated.

  2. Heritage Fair – D. Ledoux
    The Fair will be on Feb. 24th from 9 am to 4 pm
    It was suggested that a display case at the Library be used to showcase items from each exhibitor at the Fair.

  3. 39 Fourth St. East (Old Grammar School)
    The tenants have now been evicted and the building is vacant. The owner has advised, there will be garbage dumpsters placed on site shortly and all debris outside and inside the building will be cleared. 

    Renovations to the roof will start in the next coming weeks. Heritage Cornwall has been asked for input as to colour preference of the roof shingles and replacing windows, etc.

d. Interview with N. Lambooy
D. Ledoux has prepared the article on an interview for publication in CHO News.

    e. Wood House Property de-designation
    An amendment to the By-Law is required to de-designate.

      f. Heritage Property Awards – D. Ledoux
      Members are asked to consider 2 properties to be awarded in 2018.

        g. Heritage Banner - C. Libbey
        A multi-use banner will be purchased at an estimated cost of $400.

        5. New Business - Nil

        6. Next Meeting –Thurs. Jan. 4, 2018

        Adjournment 7:40 pm