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Capt. MacDonald House

1128 to 1130 Capt. MacDonald Rd.

Despite the loss of most of its distinctive architectural features through alterations and modifications, the main vernacular farmhouse style of the 1800's largely remains constant.

Built by Capt. A. J. MacDonald (1824-1913), an early settler and prominent Cornwall citizen. The property is an example of the change in land use, from rural-agricultural to urban residential.

Captain Alexander J. MacDonald settled in Cornwall Township after service with the American Army in the Civil War. MacDonald was instrumental in the establishment of the Roman Catholic Separate School Board in Cornwall and represented the Board for 16 years. He was also a Major in the military formation that was created in Cornwall in the late 1880's for defence against the Fenian raiders.

When the house was built, the part of Township was entirely rural in nature, it then became the City of Cornwall. The landscape of the present lot remains virtually unchanged, including the maple trees that were planted on the property by the family in 1867 to celebrate the Confederation.

Members of the MacDonald family have lived in the house continuously throughout the property's history.

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