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Central Public School

115 Second St. East

The recognition is for the surviving structural elements from the 1931 addition to the front façade of the building which complement aspects of the 1883 design. The portion that was saved is shown below. It is included in the new school as part of the internal entrance and exit to the school library, also shown below.

The central projecting bay on the south façade with its chromatic masonry treatment around the narrow, longitudinal windows with lead muntins and the sandstone crest and public school logo are just some of the elements that reflect the stylistic aspirations of the 1931 design.

Along notable graduates of Cornwall Public School were outstanding men such as the first Premier of Ontario, Hon John Sandfield Macdonald; Chancellor of Upper Canada, Hon. Philip Vankoughnet; Sir John Beverly Robinson, Chief Justice of Upper Canada and Sir James Pliny Whitney.

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