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Heritage Designated Sites

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505 Fourth St. East

Chesley's Inn

40 First St. West

Wood House

(Cornwall's Community Museum)

160 Water St. West

Former Baptist Church

130 Sydney St.

Cornwall Public Library

45 Second St. West

St. Columban's Rectory

36 Fourth St. West

Former Cline House

208 Second St. East

Electric Motor #17

SE corner of Brookdale St. & Ninth St.

Stormont Cottages

33 to 43 York St.

Capt. MacDonald's House

1128 to 1130 Capt. MacDonald Road

Nativity School

146 Chevrier St.

Port Theatre

132 Montreal Road

Fraser (Smart) House

224 Second St. East

St. Columban's Cemetery

429 Eleventh St. West

Courthouse & Jail

7 Water St. West

St. Columban's Church

36 Fourth St. West

Nativity Church

300 Montreal Road

Central Public School

115 Second St. East

Grammar School

39 Fourth St. East

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