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Electric Motor #17

SE Corner of Brookdale & Ninth Street

Cornwall Street Railway Light and Power Company Engine 17 was built in August of 1930 by Baldwin-Westinghouse in Philadelphia, PA and purchased by the company in 1962. It was used to move freight cars along the streets of Cornwall.

On April 1, 1977 Canadian National Railway purchased all rail equipment and operations of Cornwall Street Railway. As the last operating electrical motor locomotive in Canada, CNR donated #17 to the City of Cornwall in memory of the city's railway operations.

Unique characteristics include:

-the builder's seal

-the headlamps at each end of the cab. Headlamps of this type are rare as they were designed for this particular kind of engine

-the brass bell and support apparatus on the east side of the locomotive's cab

-the two electrical conductor poles that would send the electricity from the overhead wire to the locomotive motor for power.

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