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Minutes from our committee meetings

Heritage-Patrimoine Cornwall Zoom Meeting

Minutes of the Monthly Meeting of Thu. Oct 5 2023

Present: Patty Brisson Joan Gaudreau Chantal Gilmour Carole Libbey

Ryan MacKay Ryan Martelle Don Smith

Absent: Debbie Ledoux Jason Riley

City Rep: Sayana Sherif

City Councillor: Fred Ngoundjo


In the absence of D. Ledoux, J. Gaudreau conducted the meeting.


1. Call to Order: 6:35

2. Addition to Agenda – inquiry from City regarding Heritage Cornwall Approval of Agenda and Meeting minutes of Sept. 7th, moved by P Brisson seconded by C. Gilmour

3. Treasurer’s Report and budget - C. Libbey Reported an outstanding balance of $15,631 as of Oct. 4th. Acceptance moved by C. Libbey seconded by C. Gilmour Reviewed the draft budget for 2024. All in favour.

4. Business Arising

a) Cornwall Room Schedule: Archives report, Computer C. Gilmour to cover Cornwall Room on Oct. 11th

b) Heritage Awards 2023- P. Brisson will contact Cogeco about a video of the 2023 recipient at 341 Third Street East

c) Heritage Plaques Program-D.Ledoux: Nothing to report

5. New Business a) Mr. Bob Turner Commemoration - Possible Designation of former Bob Turner Site

There is a survey on the City’s website regarding the use of the site.

b) Heritage Fair 2024 - D.Ledoux Propose holding the Fair on Sat., Feb. 17th. Cornwall Square to be asked to book this event again in a vacant store.

c) Inquiry from Administration Assistant - City Planning regarding Heritage Cornwall C. Libbey will respond with reference to City Bylaw # 2013-113 approving the Terms of Reference for Heritage – Patrimoine Cornwall and that the Recording Secretary is J. Gaudreau


6. Next Meeting - November 2, 2023 J. Gaudreau will book the Library’s Program Room 1 with video feed. In the event this is not available, J. Riley will provide the connection.

7. Adjournment – 7:31

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