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Minutes from our committee meetings

Heritage-Patrimoine Cornwall Meeting

Thu. June 8, 2023 - Cornwall Room Cornwall Public Library

Present: Patty Brisson Joan GaudreauDebbie Ledoux Carole Libbey

Ryan MacKay Ryan Martelle

Absent: Jason Riley Don Smith

City Councilor: Fred Ngoundjo

City of Cornwall: Sayana Sherif = Planning Dept.


1. Call to order – 6:30

2. Approval of Agenda Acceptance of Minutes of May 8, 2023 moved by J. Gaudreau seconded by P. Brisson

3. Correspondence and Inquiries – D.Ledoux forwarded 2 inquiries to the responsible parties. Cornwall Room Schedule was circulated.

4. Treasurer’s Report - reported an outstanding balance of $18,199 as of June 7th. Acceptance moved by C. Libbey seconded by J. Gaudreau

5. Business Arising

a) Historic Square Mile Signage update - D.Ledoux No further information.

b) Locomotive #17 Tribunal Update - C. Libbey C. Libbey reported on the proceedings of the Tribunal Meeting on May 24th.

c) Heritage Awards - D.Ledoux 2022 awards to be given to recipients at individual meetings to be arranged. 2023 awards –The Committee to reviewed the list of possible candidates and selected: - 341 Third St. and 124 Gloucester St. S. Sherif and P Brisson to research the history of the properties. A letter will be sent to the owners advising of their awards and asking for their input.

d) Archaeological Study – R. Martelle to email report

6. New Business

a) Changing website domain to WYX . Web Master asked for possible updates. Suggested links to websites of participants at our Heritage Fair.

b) St. John’s Cemetery: C. Libbey gave an update on a proposal to recognize the former cemetery on Sidney and Sixth St.

c) 2024: Cornwall Community Museum is planning another event commemorating 1784.

7. Next Meeting – Sept. 7, 2023 at 6:30 pm Cornwall Room No planned meetings for July and August. Meetings may be called if necessary.


8. Adjournment – 8:05 pm

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