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Municipal Heritage Committee, Cornwall Ontario

Minutes from our committee meetings

Heritage-Patrimoine Cornwall Meeting

Thurs., Sept. 6, 2018 at 6:30pm Cornwall Public Library

Present: Carol Boileau Debbie Ledoux (Chair) Joan Gaudreau Carole Libbey

Don Smith Shannon Thompson Marjorie Vallee

Absent: Maurice Dupelle Gerry Roy

City Rep: Karl Doyle

  1. Heritage Property Awards
    An award was given to Sean Adams for the preservation of his office at 305 Second St. East.
    Mr. Adams inspired us with details of some of the restoration done.

2. Approval of Agenda and Approval of Minutes from June 14, 2018
Moved by J. Gaudreau and seconded by M. Vallée.

3. Remarks by Chair/Correspondence
T. Racine has resigned from the Committee.

4. Treasurer’s Report- C. Libbey
There is an estimated operating balance of $21,477 as at Sept. 5, 2018.
Acceptance moved by C. Libbey; seconded by J. Gaudreau

5. Business Arising
a) Cornwall Room Schedule (circulated)

b) Culture Days September 28-29 -Mini Heritage Fair and Apple and Arts Tour to be held Saturday September 29 from10 am -4 pm Cornwall Public Library- D.Ledoux

c) Doors Open- was held Saturday August 18- D. Ledoux, M. Vallee. It was remarked by some that there was no map of all Doors Open locales.

d) CHO Heritage Awards Article -D.Ledoux reported that the article was published in the Summer edition.

e) Waterfront Master Plan update - C. Libbey
It was reported that another public session will be held in October.

f) Grammar School update on maintenance- K. Doyle
The owner has been issued orders to undertake repairs. The Chief Building Inspector will be meeting with the owner this month.

g) Si Miller Memorial at former Arena site development - proposed plaque and Centre Ice medallion
K. Doyle reported on developments. The Committee approved the installation of a medallion at the site of the former center ice and a plaque, on the West side, which would be visible from Water Street.
There will be further discussions with the owner. If satisfactory, then art work will be prepared.

h) Locomotive update - C. Libbey
The Moccasin Railroad Club has been asked to help with fundraising.

6. Next meeting Thursday, Oct. 4, 2018

7. Adjournment at 8:20 pm