Welcome to Heritage-Patrimoine Cornwall

Municipal Heritage Committee, Cornwall Ontario

Minutes from our committee meetings

Heritage-Patrimoine Cornwall Meeting

Thurs. Jan 4, 2018 – 6:30 pm Cornwall Public Library

Present: Carol Escobar Joan Gaudreau Carole Libbey Thom Racine

Don Smith Shannon Thompson Marjorie Vallee

Absent: Maurice Dupelle Debbie Ledoux Gerry Roy

City Rep: Karl Doyle

  1. Approval of Dec. 7, 2017 Minutes
    With minor spelling correction, approval moved by J. Gaudreau; seconded by M. Vallee.

2. Remarks by Chair/Correspondence
Rick Larin, a respected member of Genealogie St. Laurent, passed away recently. Members of the Committee related stories of his dedication.
Lorneville Apartments are converting to condos; a meeting to present details will be held within a couple of weeks

3. Treasurer’s Report - C. Libbey
Not currently available.

4. Business Arising
  1. Cornwall Room Schedule - circulated.

  2. Heritage Fair –Feb. 24th - D. Ledoux
    Most organizations have confirmed their participation.
    Schedule for Members’ attendance will be confirmed at February Meeting.

c. Heritage Property Awards - D. Ledoux
The Committee discussed their preferred locations.

d. Heritage Banner - C. Libbey
Due to holidays, a multi-use banner has not yet been purchase.

5. New Business
Federal Role in Heritage Conservation
- at the request of CHO, a letter is to be sent to the Minister of Environment, Minister of Finance and MP supporting the Recommendations on Preserving Canada’s Heritage
Former Railroad Hotel (Body Shop) is confirmed as being a listed property
CHO recommendations for municipal committees on input to official plans will be emailed

6. Next Meeting –Thurs. Feb. 1, 2018

7. Adjournment 7:20 pm