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Stormont Cottages

33 to 43 York St.

The cottages consist of six attached dwellings. This unique example of industrial row housing was built in 1882 using local materials and craftsmen. The units were rented to employees of the Stormont Cotton Mill. The textile industry was a key factor in the development of Cornwall, attracting capital and labour to the community. The cottages are an important symbol of the generations of French and English residents who worked the long hours in the mills.

During the 1930's the building was modified when a brick kitchen addition was built to the east while the common wooden sheds were replaced by garages to the rear of the property. In 1955, with the closure of the plant, the occupants were given the opportunity of purchasing their individual units. Today, each of the six units is privately owned.

The front façade exhibits many interesting architectural details. The solid mass of brick with its symmetrically positioned openings for doors and windows is graced with a contrasting arched lintel over the windows and a flat double transom over the door. While some elements of the exterior façade have been lost, the exterior appearance of the Stormont Cottages retains a coherence and integrity which is worthy of preservation.

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